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        1.Product Name:Sym-Tetramethylbenzene
        2.CAS NO.:95-93-2
        3.Structural Formula:

        4.Molecular Formula: C10H14
        5.Quality indexes:


        Quality indexes

        Enterprise indexes


        White semi-transparent crystals

        White semi-transparent crystals

        Content ,% 



        Melting point℃



        6. Application:
        Durene, common name of1,2,4,5-Tetramethylbenzene, is used as a solvent and as anIntermediate for manufacturing pyromelletic acid which is used for manufacturing curing agents, adhesives and coating materials. It is used in manufacturing raw material of engineering plastics (polyimides) and cross-linking agent for alkyd resin.
        7. Storage:
        Packed in 25 kg polypropylene woven bags polyethylene lining or 50kg fiber can
        8.Attention:Stay away from open flame, heat, oxidizer. USe foam, halon, dry, Sandy to Fire fighting.


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